Friday, August 12, 2011

Frugal Fashion Friday - Look Rich Without a Trust Fund

Growing up my family was what some would call middle class.  We weren't wealthy but we had the things we needed. My dad, raised by a single mom, worked two jobs growing up to help support his family.  My mom was raised by parents who lived through the Depression and rationing during World War II. They taught her to be frugal and smart with money.  They taught me how to make the most of my money.

There are many stylish women in my family and none would be considered extremely wealthy. You'd never know that from their appearance. They always look polished, lovely, and fashionable. Thinking of these beautiful women is what inspired today's post.

L to R: My Grandmother Emily, My Mom, My Aunt Nancy, My Grandmother Emily and My Great Aunt Mary

All of the women in my family have very different styles and personalities but they also have many things in common.  They don't need millions to look great. They follow some simple philosophies to look amazing without spending a ton of money. 

Pay Attention to Grooming
They all take care of their appearance. This means different things to each of the women.  Some color their hair, some don't but they all style their hair and keep it trimmed. Make up is optional. My mom has never worn much make up except lipstick and mascara but takes care of her skin. She is the one who taught me to wash my face daily, use moisturizer, stay out of the sun and wear SPF.  My aunt on the other hand loves make up and wears it daily. My aunt also wears nail polish. Mom has never been big on painting her nails but keeps them trimmed and shaped. Even my cousins who are in their 70's and 80's follow this same way of thinking.  If you take care of your appearance, you will always look polished.

Dress In Classics
Trends are great but they aren't something these lovely ladies follow.  They express their own style but they stick with classic, timeless pieces.  They each have their own twist on those classic pieces but this timeless style shows investment in their wardrobes. Focus is on cut and high quality fabrics. The classic styling and structure of these pieces makes them appear more expensive. 

Get Your Sparkle from Jewelry
Embellishments on clothing are fun but many times trendy.  The wrong embellishment can make an item look cheap. They all jazz up their outfits with jewelry.  Many of the items are vintage because they have been saved through the years or passed down.  They also lean toward precious metals and gem stones when selecting new jewelry. Even their costume jewelry is high quality.  Statement pieces that are conversation starters will get you noticed for the right reasons.

It's a simple philosophy but a lesson I've taken to heart.  It also gives me hope for the future. They have all aged very well and still look wonderful. I know I'll be able to follow their examples throughout my life.


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