Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Inspired Bracelet

On Friday, we took a trip to the local hardware store to get hurricane supplies.  We have the big "home improvement" stores but I'm partial to the locally owned hardware store. It reminds me of my childhood and trips with my dad. Also, it's always easy to find someone to help you and they always have the greatest items that you don't find at the big stores. We went in to get extra rope and bungee chords to tie down items in the yard and on the deck. I grew up in a coastal area and even though I live a little farther inland now, I still believe in preparation. 

We went to the aisle that contained the rope. As we were picking out the practical options, I couldn't help but notice a big spool of purple, blue and yellow braided rope. All I could think of where the cool bracelets created by Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs.

We got the hurricane supplies we came to pick up and I just had to have the purple rope too. When I turned around to leave the aisle, I saw a huge section of clasps and hooks. There were so many of them in all sizes and types. I had to grab a few of those.

  • multi-colored rope
  • hooks or clasps
  • wire

Using the supplies that I had and the inspiration of the more expensive bracelets, I spent time during the hurricane working on a few bracelets. I measured out the rope to make a double wrap bracelet. I cut the rope and sealed the ends by heating them with a lighter.  Folding one end over, I wrapped it with wire making an open loop.  The clasp I chose had a closed loop on one end.  I fed the other end of rope through the clasp and folded it over. Then using the wire I wrapped the end.

The designer version bracelets cost $20 and $150.  The supplies I purchased cost $15.  I already had the wire and I still have enough rope to make many more bracelets and another clasp. Even if I only made two bracelets, they only cost $7.50 each. A huge savings for a fun and trendy bracelet.

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