Thursday, July 21, 2011

The New Preppy

I've read several articles recently and seen tons fashion spreads heralding the new preppy chic. In the 80's The Preppy Handbook was published. Madras, boat shoes and polo shirts were all the rage. I had my share of madras shorts and begged my mom for a Lacoste polo. The new preppy is about taking the classic preppy looks and making them your own.

This outfit came about organically. It's been crazy hot this week and this green dress from Old Navy (bought last summer) is cool and a great summer shade. Then I spied the short sleeve pink sweater on the shelf. I love the color but it immediately made me think of Muffy at the country club. Pink and green scream preppy to me. Hello Lilly Pulitzer. I decided to try it out with some other accessories. Mixing in the hot pink belt, statement necklace, menswear oxfords and big watch helped to freshen the look.
Dress - Old Navy, Sweater - Old Navy, Belt - Target, Necklace - The Limited (circa 1987), Shoes - Bass, Watch - Relic via Kohl's
Have you embraced the new preppy or do you hate it? I'd love to hear thoughts or see your looks.

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