Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY - Rose Gold Watch

Last year I was watching an episode of "Bethenney Getting Married" and she was wearing an amazing rose gold watch. I fell in love and immediately wanted to get one of my own. I searched and searched. The rose gold craze hadn't hit yet and the only watches I could find cost a small fortune. I finally found one at Loehmann's for only $12!  I've worn it constantly for the last six months. The watch is still running great but the rose gold finish is wearing off. It now looks like a cross between gold and pale pinkish silver. That's what you get for $12.

I'm still not ready to plunk down the $200+ for the Michael Kors watch I really want. I thought I'd do a little overhaul on the $12 watch. Using some rose gold/copper spray paint I'd already purchased for another project, I devised a plan.

Supply List

1. watch
2. tape (painters tape, masking tape, or duct tape)
3. rose gold spray paint
4. old magazine
5. cup or glass to hold the rolled magazine
6. paper towels

Cut tape to cover the crystal face of the watch and any other surfaces you don't want to paint. Cover the crystal.

Roll the magazine in a tube and slip the watch over the magazine.

Using very light strokes give the watch one coat of paint.

I gave the watch three coats of paint.  Letting it dry thoroughly in between.  The final product.

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