Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspiration - Plus Size Models

The fashion world is doing a better job at embracing women who aren't a size 2. I am always in awe of the amazing confidence of plus size models.  They appear in ads, walk the runway and compete for jobs against women who are less than half their size.  Keep in mind that in the fashion world any woman over a size 8 is considered plus size.  Of course this isn't the same as off the rack clothing.

Many of these beautiful ladies have battled anorexia in order to get modelling jobs. They've come to accept their natural size and shape and embrace their curves. I'm finding inspiration in these women as I continue my 30 for 30 journey.

(l to r) Crystal Renn, Kate Dillon, Toccara Jones, Whitney Thompson, Mia Tyler, and Ashley Graham

P.S. Another 30 for 30 post coming soon...

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