Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Obsessed Thank You Very Much - OPI Shatter

Entry one of a new feature: "I'm Obsessed Thank You Very Much". The title is a quote from St. Elmo's Fire. My teen of the 80's self loves that movie. I find that I focus on an item or style and really become obsessed with incorporating it into my own style.

Back in December I started seeing ads in magazines for a new nail polish by OPI, Shatter.  It's a black top coat that you put over a contrasting color. As it dries, it cracks and reveals the color underneath. I searched in stores during December and January but couldn't find out when it would be available. Magazines always get products and ads early to build excitement. The manager of my local Ulta told me the polish wouldn't be released until January 21st. I got it the first day it was available and have been wearing it ever since with all sorts of colors. I LOVE IT!!

Wet n Wild - Rain Check, OPI - Shatter

Step One
Choose your base coat. I've found that lighter colors show up better but any bright color will do. That's the fun part of this polish. I chose, Wet n Wild's Rain Check because it was a fun blue and I thought it would show up well.

Step Two
Paint your base coat and let it dry thoroughly.  If your base polish isn't completely dry, Shatter won't crack properly.  Also make sure there are no oils or residue on your base coat. I wash my hands, then wipe them dry and buff the base a little with a soft cloth before applying Shatter.

Step Three
Apply Shatter top coat. You'll need to work quickly. Making only one pass per nail section is best. If you go back over it, Shatter gets clumpy. I find a medium coat works best. It should be opaque but not super thick. This polish dries incredibly fast.

I painted this nail and this shot was taken within 10 seconds. You can see how quickly it starts to dry.

Shatter dries matte.  If you want it to last or look shiny, you'll have to use a top coat.  The top coat also enhances the brightness of your base coat.

Here is a step by step demo by OPI.

Shatter is sold out in many stores. You can find it online by doing a search for OPI Shatter. I'm hoping that because of it's popularity, OPI will consider producing it in other colors.

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