Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eight Days a Week

The layering options for winter outfits have endless possibilities. But I have to admit that I really can't wait for spring to arrive. The cold this year has really gotten to me. That said, I love long gloves.

Jacket - thrifted, Cashmere T - Liz Claiborne, Trouser Jeans - Old Navy, Shoes - Target,
Belt - Talbots Outlet, Belt worn as a Necklace - Target, Gloves - DSW

My love affair with long gloves is well documented.  They add an air of sophistication to an ensemble. A few seasons ago, I went in search of a coat or jacket with 3/4 sleeves so that I could rock the short sleeve, long gloves combination. You can do this with any jacket or coat, just push up or roll up the sleeves.

I got this belt years ago to wear with a flowy white skirt.  Yes, that's a belt. I think I've worn it more as a necklace than a belt over the years. 

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!  It's Fashion Week ! 

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