Friday, January 7, 2011

Modern Marvel: Fashion Tape

Oh fashion tape, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

You've seen my previous post about the miracle and modern marvel that is, fashion tape. Not only can you create an amazing DIY instant infinity scraf with it but you can do so much more!

  1. Temporary Hem:  You know you have that pair of pants that you love but they are your high heel pants.  You want to wear them with flats but when you do, it looks like you borrowed them from an amazon. Just take a few pieces of fashion tape, fold the hem under and tape each cuff. It will last then day and you can take it out.  Two pairs of pants in one!
  2. No Wardrobe Malfunction: I'm sure you own a low cut or cross over top that constantly makes you fidget for fear that you'll become Janet Jackson. Not the elegant, red carpet Janet but the Superbowl half time show Janet.  Determine how you'd like the top to look and how low you want it to be. Place one to two pieces of tape between the two pieces of fabric so they don't show or pull too much. If the temporary fix pulls, the tape may not hold as well as you'd like.
  3. No Visible Bra Straps: When I wear a tank or sleeveless top, I'm always dealing with the bra strap fight. A piece of tape on each strap will keep them from peaking out of your top.
  4. Ripped or Pulled Hem: If you aren't seamstress, you can quickly fix the ripped or torn hem of a pair of pants or skirt with some fashion tape.  Just place you pieces in the torn area.
  5. DIY Infinity Scarf: All of the instructions are in this post.
  6. Other DIYs to come...
The tape comes in many forms.  The two most handy are the roll and the strips. They are both equally good but there are advantages to each.  The pre-cut strips are great for keeping in your purse or evening bag. I love to tuck a few in a clutch when I go out. The roll is best for getting exactly the size you need without additional cutting. You can find it online at Amazon and many other outlets. Target carries it in their stores but I have also seen it at other major retailers. There are lots of brands and they are equally good.

Have you used fashion tape?  Tell me how you used and send me your ideas.

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