Monday, January 10, 2011

Low Priced Lines I LOVE: Target Converse® One Star®

Lovers of Target know that their fashion talent lies in great collaborations.  Designers and higher end creators have done great low priced lines for them.  My new favorite is the Converse® One Star® line.  It includes shoes, accessories, bags, and clothes (junior, plus, men and shoes for kids). I've recently discovered the line on the sale rack.  Many of the stores have discounted their winter items. I've gotten some great buys, including a $10 dress!

The items I've found in the stores on sale, haven't been discounted on-line yet.  It pays to make a trip to your local store. You can see the line at Here is a quick collection of some of my favorites.

If you're still looking for a military field jacket, like the one I featured in: In the Army Now, you're in luck.  Target has one in the men's section of the line.

Converse® One Star® Fatigue Jacket - Olive

Once again Target comes through with great style and affordable prices.

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