Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waves for Fine Haired Girls

I've long envied Nicole Richie's wavy locks.

Lucky girl, was born with that amazing hair.  Of course having great hairstylists to do your hair for the red carpet doesn't hurt either. I was not born with wavy hair and don't have a team of stylists. Exhibits A and B. Deb then and now.

Over Christmas, my curling iron died.  I have a less than adequate back up but it was fine for a week. I've seen reviews and ads for Conair's You Curl iron.  Of course the ads make it look simple and the idea intigued me. I'd never been able to get those low waves, the ones like Nicole's that start about ear level, without crimps from my regular iron. I decided to give the You Curl iron a try. I thought, if it didn't work, I'd just take it back. Yesterday, I tried it for the first time. It came with a three finger glove, which isn't easy to keep on or maneuver but it helps to keep me from burning myself.

I got the effect I wanted and my curls lasted all day! I couldn't believe it. The price was a bit more than I usally like to pay, $35.00 but I don't skimp on my hair. It's the only accessory I wear every day. For curls that last all day, it's worth every penny.

It will take a little practice to master an iron that uses both hands. At least it will help my arm muscles. Bonus! great hair and toned arms.

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