Thursday, January 21, 2010

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If you haven't had the good fortune of shopping on Etsy, I am here to save you! This posting will tell you all about Etsy and what you are missing. Etsy is a great website ( The site is similar to ebay but the sellers specialize in handmade and vintage items. It's a great resource for accessories, jewelry and handmade clothing. You can also find unique vintage items. I've ordered from several different sellers with great success.

Getting started is simple. Just type a key word into the search box and shop. The site will return any and all related items. Recently, I searched for a chunky knit scarf. Chunky knits are very popular this season. My search came back with thousands of options. There were options that were under $10 and some high end, well made options for less than $40. Some of the sellers will even make your scarf to order in a color and size you choose. When you consider that some designer boutiques and department stores are charging close to $100 for a mass produced scarf, Etsy is a bargain. to purchase items, you will need to set up an Etsy account and a Paypal account. By setting up an Etsy account, you can also add items you like to your favorites list, for future reference. There are many options and styles available. Imagine finding that perfect accessory, handmade, and one of a kind and at a price that won't break your budget.

I've taken a few of the latest trends and searched for some items I think fit the bill.

Over the Knee Boots
A hot trend with short skits and leggings. Over the knee boots can cost $200 or more a pair. This pair is just $98 and they are vintage!

Capes and Capelets
Capes are so versatile. They can be worn with jeans or as a quick cover-up. A dressy capelet can be worn with a cocktail dress. This beautiful, delicate, capelet could be worn with a dress in the early spring or with a thin sweater, now. At only $25 it's an incredible bargain.

One Shoulder Dress
Donna Karan says that women should show off their shoulders. They are the smallest parts of our bodies and they don't change when we gain or lose a few pounds. The one shoulder dress takes advantage of this fact by adding sophistication to a simple dress. Imagine paying $45 for a custom made dress! This dress comes in three colors and can be made to order.

You can find almost any trend item you are searching for on Etsy. Not only will your piece be on trend but it will be unique.

If you have a question about sizing, dimensions or custom options, you can send a message to the seller before purchasing the item. Etsy is a treasure trove and many times, the prices can't be beat.

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