Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moment of Lust: Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle

The Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle has been the "it" bag since Mary Kate Olsen began carrying it, before it was available. It's also showed up on the arms of other NYC and Hollywood fashionistas. I've heard there is a waiting list of 400+ at Barney's in NYC. This bag is proof that fashion girls will eat ramen in a recession, if the right bag comes along. It retails for $850. The black leather version is sold out everywhere. There are options available in other colors and materials.

I love this bag because it is both classic and edgy. The satchel style is timeless. The studded bottom gives it a punk edge that is fun and unexpected. Other fabrics and colors can be purchased on the Alexander Wang website. I personally like the gray denim, which isn't actually denim but distressed gray leather.

If, like me, neglecting to pay the rent or power bill isn't an option. There is a chic and lower priced alternative, thanks to Steve Madden. The BSTUDLEY bag is very similar and about 1/10 of the price at $88. It also comes in white.

You can order this bag on the Steve Madden website. Happy parsimonious shopping!

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