Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Try It Out - J'Adore Vox Box

I'm a product junkie and one of the things I love most about blogging is trying out the new products that I receive from companies and firms like Influenster. I received the J'Adore Vox Box and it contained quite a few products! Just call me your blogging guinea pig.

When I opened the box, I found six products. 
  • Hershey's Kisses - I LOVE chocolate and Hershey's kisses are one of my all time favorites. {msL} helped me dig into the bag right away. We filled our candy dish with them and there are only a few left.
  • Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea - I received Lemon Chiffon and Creme Caramel. I admit I was a bit skeptical. I love tea but I don't add any sugar to my tea. Occasionally, I add some lemon but that's all. The prospect of tea inspired by desserts didn't sound great. I really enjoyed the Lemon Chiffon but even though caramel is one of my favorite flavors, the Creme Caramel wasn't a hit with me.  I think I'd like to try the Cinnamon Streusel but I didn't get one of those.
  • Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes - Even as girly and make-up obsessed as I am, I'm a klutz when it comes to false lashes. I wore them on my wedding day but only because my hair stylist, who is also a make up artist, helped me. I gave these lashes a try and I have to say, I was impressed with the glue the most. The applicator and ease of use, where impressive. I love how the glue applicator has a wand and it goes onto the lash with a greenish hue, that dries clear. It made that part so easy. Then came the klutz part. There is no magic applicator for applying them to my lash line. I got them on and they are light and semi-natural looking thanks to their shape. They would have been great on my wedding day and will be good on special occasions.
  • Boots Botanics Clay Mask - I rarely have breakouts but before trying this mask, I got the biggest pimple on my chin. I used the mask all over. Then I applied a dot onto the pimple, let it dry and left it on over night. My pimple was drastically reduced in the morning. I was impressed.
  • John Frieda 3 Day Straight Flat Iron Spray - I don't have frizzy hair but I have terrible fly aways in the winter. I hoped that this spray would help with that issue. I tried it and it worked to tame my fly aways and fried ends (from my ombre color) but it was a bit much for my fine hair. It left it a bit flat. I'm sure for some of my full and curly haired friends, it would be fantastic. It was easy to use with just damp hair and a flat iron.
  • Vaseline Men Spray Lotion - {msL} tried this product. She prefers men's cologne over women's and I thought this would work for her. She loved the application, she said it was easy. She also liked the scent, although she said if she put it on, she'd have to refrain from using any other scent that day. The lotion scent is very strong, but pleasant. She liked the moisture and I liked how soft it made her skin.
I was pleased with most of the products that I received through +Influenster. Many worked well for me and I enjoyed trying them.

Note: I received these products through the Influenster program, for the purpose of my feedback and review. All thoughts and comments are my own. If you're interested in joining, Influenster, leave a comment below or email me at:

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