Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Monitor Shopping - asos

Sometimes on chilly weekend mornings, I sit in my pjs and my fuzzy slippers, with my coffee and I monitor shop.  You know, the modern equivalent of window shopping.  Many people find this torture if they can't afford to buy. For me, it helps me to see what's out there and helps me to refine my list from "Ooo that's cute." to "I really have to buy that.".  I leave my credit card in my wallet across the room.  That way if I'm tempted to buy, I have to really give it some thought, get up from my comfy seat and dig for my card. This weekend I did a little monitor shopping at asos.

Monday Monitor Shopping - asos


I'm thinking of warmer weather and gravitated toward bright colors and fun shapes.

Do you monitor shop?
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