Friday, February 14, 2014

Personal Style with Kleenex® Style Studio (and a chance to win $5,000 and a trip to NYC)

When I was a kid, a few of my friends' moms had crochet tissue box covers in their bathrooms. They were kind of a thing in the 70's. Silly me, I had no idea people were even making these anymore but after a quick search, I discovered that you can even buy patterns for them! I've never been a fan. I just suffered with ugly boxes and rolls of toilet paper. I'm sure the idea was created in the days when tissue boxes were plain or just plain ugly. Well never fear, Kleenex has solved that problem. No more ugly boxes or crochet covers. I know, I know, this is a fashion and beauty blog but you know I'm all about fashion for my home too.

To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they developed The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun and stylish way to discover more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products you already know and love. You'll love adding these designs to your home and you won't need a cover to hide them. I don't know about you but I have tissues in almost every room in my house. They are essential in the bathroom for my makeup routine and I always have a box on my bedside table. This blue design is perfect for our bedroom. The wall color is called Paris Evening.

I'm redecorating my home office/studio in a black and white color scheme. This oval box will be perfect!

Black and White Office Inspiration

Have a little fun yourself. Check out the Kleenex® Style Studio and find your Kleenex style. No more ugly boxes, toilet paper rolls, stray napkins or crochet covers for you! You can also play the catwalk or Kleenex game like these folks did.

After you play the game,

And take a quick second to answer a one question survey from Kleenex. Thanks!

I had to share this photo with you. I promise this wasn't a set up. My sweet pup, Anita (she's a very active German Shorthaired Pointer mix that we rescued) loves to chew. We came home one evening about six months ago and found her on our bed with a shredded box of Kleenex. I would have been mad if I wasn't laughing so hard. She wouldn't even look at me because she knew she was busted.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in this post are my own. This post is sponsored by Kleenex.

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