Monday, August 5, 2013

Inspiration - Leather Tops

On Friday I ordered this faux leather peplum top. I have been looking for a leather or faux leather top for some time. I'm working on losing weight and didn't want to spend a ton. I first saw a similar top on my blogger friend Grown and Curvy Woman. Hers came from Forever 21 but sadly it was sold out. I kept searching and last week I found a similar top on Forever 21 for only $19.80! It wasn't a hard decision because I had a gift card I could use. I'm glad I bought it because it's already sold out!

Forever 21 - sold out but similar here and here
I also went in search of a little styling inspiration. I found lots of it. This top won't be great on 90 degree days but luckily it's starting to cool down. I can't wait to wear it.

photo credits from top to bottom: asos fashion finder, Atlantic-Pacific, Fashion Caramel, style cab, Stylish by Nature, The Cab Look, Trend Mill

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