Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspiration - Summer Maxi Skirt Style

I love and wear my maxi skirts year round.  For me, it's so easy to layer them with shirts and sweaters and my favorite look, with a leather jacket, for winter.  Summer should be a no brainer but many times I stumble on how I want to wear them. I did some searching and found lots of great style.  I love how these ladies have styled their maxi skirts for the warmer months.

Inspiration - Summer Maxi Style

They are great inspiration for my summer options. I especially love the outfits in the upper middle, upper right, and center right.  A gauzy tank or shirt may be on my wish list soon and I'll definitely be adding my panama hat to my maxi outfits. There is a fine line between fashionable and sloppy, when styling a maxi.  Proportion is key.  If your maxi has volume, you need to pair it with a top that fits you well. If you opt for baggy, you can end up looking like a bag lady.  Opt for a close fitting t-shirt or a well tailored button up shirt. A thin belt adds polish and definition, without adding bulk.

How do you wear your maxi skirt?

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