Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Racing Stripe Manicure - Using a Sharpie

A few months ago I discovered a fun new way to add art to my nails...metallic Sharpies! I've done a few different manicures using my metallic Sharpies. I just pick a solid base, I prefer creamy colors, instead of frosted colors but I am going to try lots of options.

I chose L'Oreal Paris, Not a Cloud In the Sky as my base. The pretty aqua color is perfect for spring. Then I grabbed my silver Sharpie. I also have a gold and a bronze version.  The gold would have been great too. I snagged my Sharpies at Target in a 3 pack, one with each color.

The reason I love using a Sharpie instead of polish to create art, is the F#@! factor.  If you screw up and say F#@!, all you need to do is wipe your nail with alcohol and start over. You don't have to repaint your base color!

I decided to only do one nail this time.  I wanted racing stripes and I had a few extra cups of coffee, so my hands weren't as steady as they should be.  Two tiny stripes on my ring finger completed the look. I added top coat and I was finished.


As you can see the ridge in my nail, creates a bit of a wave but I still like the effect.  I've also done bronze hearts on a nude nail and gold dots on navy nails. The possibilities are endless. 

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