Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspiration - Celebrity Music Festival Style

Our first music festival of the spring/summer is in two weeks. We're going to the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival and I can't wait. Having been to lots of festivals in my life, I always consider my outfit before I go.  It's partially the fashion girl in me but partially, the practical girl.  I want to look great all day but I also want to be comfortable.  I don't wear shorts except the occasional pair of long cut offs so I usually lean toward a dress.  I learned the hard way that sandals aren't the best choice for a festival. I usually go for boots or some kind of lace up shoe. Lots of celebs attend Coachella, a huge festival in the LA area. They get all of the celeb perks which means they don't have to worry about being huddled with the masses or using a port a potty.  But some of them actually wear outfits that don't scream VIP.

Inspiration - Celeb Music Festival Style

I used some of them as inspiration for my outfit plans.

Music Festival Dressing
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