Friday, May 17, 2013

Frugal Fashion Friday - Great Gatsby Mystery Party

Over Memorial Day weekend, some friends and I are throwing a 1920's themed (Great Gatsby style) Murder Mystery Dinner Party. We are all dressing up and donning our best 20's fashion. Each of the guests will have a character to play in the mystery. My character is Dina Diva, the juice joint singer.  Of course I have to dress the part.  I could buy a pre-made costume but I would prefer a fun dress and jewelry that I can wear again.  I already have some items I can use and if I make any purchases it will be a great dress.

Frugal Fashion Friday RGR - Great Gatsby Costume
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Most flapper style dresses are shift style, long and straight. My curvy girl body and hips look terrible in that type of dress. If I get the dress large enough to fit my lower half, my waist and boobs are swimming and I look twenty pounds heavier. I definitely don't need that. A dress that has a 20's feel but has a waist will work much better. It will be much more flattering on me. If I decide not to spend money on a dress, I already have a cute black dress that might work. I could also hit my local thrift stores to find an inexpensive dress and add some crystals or fringe.

Luckily for me, I love art deco style jewelry.  I have some fantastic long necklaces including one with a tassel and I own this exact bracelet and similar earrings.  A few years ago, I purchased long, black, satin gloves for a Halloween costume. Sitting in my overflowing shoe collection,  I have several pairs of t-strap heels that will work with this dress or any dress that I select.

My plan is to have a great costume without spending lots of money.  I'll be creating a DIY headband using a scarf or ribbon and some brooches I already own.  My makeup will be red lips and a smokey eye and my hair will likely be in tight curls or finger waves.

I'm excited for the party and I'm sure we'll have a blast.  I'm also working on our drinks and appetizers.  Our hostess and my friend, Denise will be making the yummy dinner and our friend Carrie will be making a decadent dessert.

I've always been fascinated by the roaring 20's culture and style.  I can't wait for the party!

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