Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jamberry Nail Shields Giveaway - And the Winner is...

CONGRATULATIONS to Sarai M!!  Sarai is the winner of the Jamberry Nail Shield sheet of her choice.

Thanks to everyone who entered and thank you for reading.  There is another giveaway coming soon. RGR has hit a few milestones.  We now have over 100 likes on facebook and over 500 followers on Twitter!  Those two milestones demand a celebration and a fantastic new giveaway is coming soon!

I also thought I'd give an update on my own Jamberry experience.  As you know I was a bit hesitant at first but I have to say, Jamberry has surpassed my expectations.  I get compliments on my nails everywhere I go and today is day 10.  They still look good.  There is a tiny (very tiny) bit of wear on the tips.  {msL} says that it's not noticeable at all and that they still look great.  One of the shields (ring finger on my right hand) has detached from the nail.  I noticed that after a few days and applied heat to reattach.  Now that I'm on day ten it has gotten worse. I think that is due to my error in application since none of the other shields have had this problem.  As the instructions stated, I had a few corners of the shields begin to peel up slightly.  I trimmed them with nail clippers instead of using glue as was suggested.  They still look great.

You can also see the nail growth.  I think that is the most noticeable issue. Your results will vary depending on how fast your nails grow. Despite the time it took to complete my original manicure, I'm a new Jamberry fan.  There are many more Jamberry manicures and pedicures in my future. 10 days and no chips! I'm on board! If you'd like your own set of Jamberry Nail Shields, be sure to visit Noel's website.  You can see all of the Jamberry styles and get tips on application.  She is running a special right now, buy 3 get 1 free.  Based on my own experience, you'll get at least 16 manicures or pedicures for $45 (only $2.81 each), from the deal!  That's a bargain for a manicure that will last you for more than one week. 

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