Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Obsessed Thank You Very Much - Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry

My regular feature, I'm Obsessed Thank You Very Much, sometimes focuses on my wish list items. Recently, I've become obsessed with Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry.  I first learned of Wendy through her writing.  She writes regularly for the Huffington Post.  She posted one of my favorite outfits in a feature that she did titled "Do Long Skirts Mean You Should Short Stocks".  I started following Wendy on Twitter and then learned of her amazing jewelry.  She's an award winning jewelry artist.  I love the beauty and edginess of her designs.  They're fantastic! I'll have to start saving or as Wendy says, "time to start playing the lottery."

Onyx Skull Ring (my FAVORITE piece)
Barbara Necklace
Queen of Scots Earrings

Empress Wu Dragon Ring
Oak Leaf Necklace
Memento Mori Skull Earrings
Exclamation Point Ring

Be sure to check out Wendy's other amazing jewelry. I couldn't possibly fit it all in this post.  Also check out her blog. She has cool personal style and I love her writing.

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