Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inspiration - This Week's Pinspiration

You all know my love of Pinterest. It's been a great tool for wedding planning and I collect everything from style ideas to recipes on the site. For years I've torn pages out of magazines and shoved them in a folder. The favorites link on my Internet browser could use its own Dewey Decimal system. I save ideas, sites, thoughts and everything that inspires me. Pinterest is a dream come true. I thought I'd share with you, some of my latest inspiration.

Five fashion editors wore the same rock t-shirt, five different ways. I love the way it shows individual style but you all know I love mixing rock t-shirts all sorts of ways.

Great tip on accenting your eyes.  I love the step by step that you could use with any eye color and liner.

Cherry lime popsicles made fresh from real fruit.  These scream summer to me. I definitely need to make them pronto!

Four easy braided hairstyles.  With this crazy hot weather and my struggle to keep from cutting my hair off, I've been loving braids lately.

What's not to love about an ombre glitter manicure?  It's already on my list of, must try, manis this summer. The color options are endless.

This outfit is simple, fun and a great way to try neon without looking like an 80's flashback. Did I mention that I used to own a neon ski jacket?  Mixing neon with neutrals is a perfect way to try the trend.

This saying spoke to me as soon as I saw it.  I've been in relationships and had supposed friends who dulled my sparkle but not anymore.  Growing as a person has taught me to never let anyone dull my sparkle.

Do you have a Pinterest account?  If you don't, be sure to request an account. It's fun and a great way to collect your ideas.  Once you have an account don't forget to show me some love and follow me.  I'm in the process of  following all of you lovely folks who are following me.

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