Monday, July 2, 2012

Easy Summer Beach Hair

I'm a bit of a hair chameleon.  Throughout my life, I've regularly grown out and then cut my hair.  I've never been afraid to try a new style. Usually when summer rolls around, I cut my hair shorter because I long for easy, stress free hair.  I've had to fight that urge this summer.  I really want a messy up do for our wedding next April.  I'm starting to hear that little voice that says, "Cut your hair Deb! It's easier to manage!"  If I cave to my inner voice and cut my hair really short, I won't have enough time to grow it out before next April. Hats are always my beach go to. When I leave the beach and venture out later in the day, I usually ditch my hat.  A cute hairstyle is definitely in order.

My Favorite Beach Hat
Because of this I've been contemplating easy beach hairstyles for our vacation next week.  On Saturday we leave for a week in the Outerbanks of North Carolina.  My goal this year is to go even more simple than in years past and to pack very light.  I'm going to leave the curling iron and blow dryer at home. I know, I'm even shocking myself!

A top french braid or front braid will keep my hair out of my face.  I don't wear my hat when I go in the water so these styles will look chic and keep my hair out of my face.

French Braid - source

Front Braid - via The Beauty Department

Pig tails or a side braid will work on the beach and after the beach.  If I let my hair dry while wearing braids, I'll have loose waves when I take them down.
Marilyn's Pigtails

Lauren's Side Braid - from The Beauty Department

Instead of fighting the texture I'll get from the ocean and wind, I'll use it to my advantage and go for a messy pony tail or a messy up do.  If I add a flower to my messy up do, it will look more polished for evening.

Use Beachy Texture - Create a Messy Pony

Use Beachy Texture and a Flower - Create a Messy Updo for Evening

I have really straight, non-curly hair.  Usually to get waves I need to use a curling iron or hot rollers.  Since I'm not bringing those with me, I could use my damp beach hair to create pretty waves.  I love the tutorial from Maegan of Maegan on using a soft headband to create waves.  I've used butterfly clips many times to create waves.

Roll Damp Hair in a Headband for Loose Waves - from Maegan
Create Waves Using Butterfly Clips - Instructions Here

How do you style your hair at the beach?

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