Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY - Ruffle Sandals Revamp

It's beach week for me but I'm posting this while everyone is getting ready for the beach.  Several summers ago I bought three pairs of identical sandals in three colors.  They were inexpensive and I'm still wearing them often.  I was tempted to buy a new pair this summer but then decided to dress them up using a ruffle that I could wear on every pair.

Tulle fabric           $4 (1/2 yard)
velcro                    $3
needle and thread

I started by cutting 22 circles per sandal.  Then I trimmed them in a petal design.  I wasn't precise.  Having them in a bit of jagged or haphazard cut made the ruffles more interesting.

The most time consuming part is the sewing. You could also use glue but I like the security of a needle and thread stitch.

Fold the petal circle in half.

Then fold it in half again (1/4 the size of the original).

The first petal should be stitched together.  Then stitch each additional petal to the others.

Once you complete all of the petals for one sandal, cut a small rectangle for your base and attach the ruffle. Then attach two small pieces of velcro.  I connect the velcro, then cut it and attach it.  That ensures that your velcro is lined up correctly.

The velcro allows me to move the ruffles to any pair of sandals that have a t-strap.

The final version.  It looks like I have a brand new pair of sandals!

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