Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Picks - Neutral (But FUN!) Flats

I have a confession to make. I don't think flats are sexy at all.  My sister and I were discussing this the other day.  Flats are cute, they are fun, they are interesting but not sexy. Even the peep toe ones aren't sexy.  Even though I feel this is true, on most work days I gravitate toward my flats.  Unless the heels are super comfy I leave them in the closet. I don't like commuter shoes but sometimes will wear a pretty pair of flats and carry my heels.  I don't like to do that because I feel like, if I choose heels, I want to wear them all day with my outfit.

I've noticed that my stash of flats is becoming worn and frankly kinda stinky. I wear my flats without socks, hose or footies. Because of this, the curse of stinky feet that I inherited from my mom, can render some shoes unwearable. I've tried insoles and they only work temporarily.  I'm also really hard on shoes. I wear the toes down, scuff them, and nick them. If the shoes are of high quality, I will have them repaired. If not, they are either donated or trashed. Spending $20 to repair a pair of $15 shoes isn't usually worth it. The neutral shoes are the ones I wear the most.  My bright colored flats are fun but I don't mix them in as often.  Almost all of my neutral flats (black, nude, and metallic) need to be replaced but I don't want them to be boring. I went searching for flats that had a price tag of $100 or less. 

Fun Flats

Click on the picture to get purchasing details on the flats above.

1) These silver flats have a cool zipper detail that sets them apart from your average metallic flat.
2) I like the t-strap on these nude flats. It adds a girly vibe.
3) The mixed metals of these metallic flats give them an interesting twist that I love.
4) I love the classic and girly bow on these flats. It gives them a Ladies That Lunch look.
5) I feel like the horse buckle on these black flats ensure I'll fit in at the country club. I might need to buy a polo shirt too.
6) Many might not consider glitter a neutral. Silver can be a neutral.  I think the glitter mixed with the silver studs is both tough and cute. 
7) These flats have so many great details.  I love the d'orsay cut, the nude and black mix and the ankle strap.   
I think numbers four and seven are my favorites.  It's funny because I started hunting for silver and gold flats and the ones that I ended up loving aren't even metallic. 

Which flats do you like the best?

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