Friday, April 20, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday - Friday's Fancies Edition Budget Picnic

My blogger friend {av} of long distance loving, hosts a great link up each Friday.  It's called Friday's Fancies and each week there  is a theme.  Quite some time ago I did a Friday's Fancies post for Gal Time. It was so much fun, I decided that I would like to start doing it on a semi-regular basis.  This week the theme is Primped for a Picnic.  All I needed to do was to select a fun outfit to wear to a picnic.  Of course I had to do it Real Girl style and find great style for less.  I decided to select designer items and then find their duplicates for less. I've assembled the budget version. Just click the links below to see the designer inspirations. Since maxi dresses are a favorite spring and summer staple for me, I started with a great version.  A convertible maxi dress!

The Budget Versions

Designer - Butter by Nadia Jersey Wrap Gown (Cherry) $315
Budget - Target Mossimo Multi Style Convertible Maxi Dress (Florida Coral) $35
How can you go wrong with a maxi dress that can be wrapped and twisted to create 10 or more different looks? It's like getting 10 dresses in one! The Target version comes in eight colors.  I love Florida Coral and Bookoo Leaf.

Designer - Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Studded Toe Ring Thong (Turquoise) $650
Budget - Carlos by Carlos Santana Florida Flat Sandal (Parrot Blue) $49
Crystal studded flat sandals in a fun blue color.  They work with pants, shorts and dresses.  I love all of my flat sandals and live in them all summer.

Designer - Ippolita Sterling Silver Cascade Earrings $495
Budget -   Paula's Oversized Silver Disc Charm Chandelier Earrings $28.95
Bright silver chandelier earrings are a little boho and always fun.  They go with everything from t-shirts to a beautiful dress. 

Designer - John Hardy Dragon Head Ring $795
Budget -  Giant Dragon Head Pewter Ring $13.57
I'm a huge fan of statement rings.  They are always conversation starters and they will never over power your outfit. 

Designer - Michael Kors Runway Two Tone Chronograph Watch $250
Budget - Vernier Two Tone Chrono Bracelet Watch $29.99
This watch is classic styling with the modern twist of mixed metals and the oversized look.  It's a watch that will be on your arm for years to come.

Designer - Prada Arm Detail Sunglasses $290
Budget -  GirlPROPS Curlycue Big Lense Sunglasses  $17.99
I fell in love with these unique sunnies a while ago.  But the curly side and the "it" factor kept me from spending the big bucks. Lucky for me there is a great duplicate available.

Designer - Dom Perignon $181.99
Budget -Nicolas Feuillatte Brut $22.99
Quite a few years ago a sommelier recommended this champagne to me.  He said it was one of his favorites and he liked it even better than Dom Perignon.  I was shocked but gave it a try.  Up until that point champagne wasn't my favorite but that was because I'd only had sparkling wine. I fell in love and now it's a staple at my house and parties. True champagne is from the Champagne region of France.  It's leaps better than any sparkling wine.

Designer    $2934.99
Budget         $197.49
Savings      $2737.50

An entire outfit for just a little more than the cost of the champagne alone!!!  Now that's budget shopping.

Happy Friday Real Girls!!!

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