Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's In My Bag - Daytime Edition

I have an illness, it's called bag overcrowding. I carry big bags and have a terrible time keeping the stuff inside to a minimum. So I'm constantly cleaning out my bag. There are some items I can't live without. Whether it's a real or perceived need, if I don't have them in my bag, I feel like I'll need them. These are always in my day bag. I pair down a bit for evening or if I'm carrying a day clutch or smaller weekend bag.
My favorite newer bag. Calvin Klein hobo style. A gift from my sister.

  • Reading Glasses - I haven't worn glasses most of my life. Until I started spending so much time on my computer and reached a certain age. It seems like I woke up one day and suddenly I couldn't see anymore. My Honey has the same problem. 
  • Sunglasses - I have a bit of a sunglasses obsession. The shades I'm sporting change regularly. If I'm not careful, I'll end up with more than one pair in my bag.  
  • Gum - It squelches my hunger pangs and banishes coffee breath.  
  • Coach Wristlet - I'm almost never without this trusty friend. It holds my cash, license, ATM card, credit card, and the membership cards I use most often. I grab it when I don't want to carry my whole bag. 
  • Reusable Bag (with CVS tag) - I try to use this bag as often as possible. It helps me to be more green and if I use it at CVS it will earn me an ECB for every 4 uses. 
  • Headphones - They prevent me from being obnoxious to those around me who don't love my music as much as I do.  
  • Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase and my business cards - I love my iPhone but sometimes I need to jot a quick note or give someone information. This little tool is perfect. I even have cards with my name printed at the top. I also carry two different business cards so it's nice to have a place to store them. 
  • Mary Kay Compact - This little beauty holds lip gloss, blush, bronzer and mini brushes.  I customize it with my favorite colors and can change it on a whim. The colors are held in by magnets. It's great for an evening bag too. 
  • Beauty Case (with way too many lip colors) - I'm a confessed lip color junkie. I even change my color mid day sometimes. This bag holds lots of lip color, my favorite concealer, oil blotting papers, a Tide pen for my messiness, and of course tampons.
  • Wallet - This wallet holds the other credit cards I have (only 2), the bazillion membership cards to every store in the known universe, insurance cards, a couple of checks, and important receipts. This wallet was a gift to myself when I went to Paris. It was a big splurge at the time (2004) but I love it. 
  • I also carry my iPhone every day.  It's not in the picture because it's usually in my pocket and not in my bag.
What's in your bag?

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