Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Changing the World, One Sequin at a Time

When I read this quote by Lady Gaga it was the perfect inspiration for the title of this post.  So appropriate!

"And now I'm just tying to change the world, one sequin at a time." - Lady Gaga

It's kind of a running joke with my friends and family that I'm hopelessly attracted to almost anything with sparkle or sequins.  My friends, I have to admit, it's almost impossible for me to pass anything by that sparkles.  I have to think twice and look three times.  They just make me happy.  On my birthday this year it was cold and rainy.  I decided that didn't matter. I put on my sequin skirt, added tights and moto boots and I was ready to go.  My Honey asked me why I was so dressed up. I said, "Well I'm not really that dressed up." I was wearing a white button down with the skirt and moto boots.  No silk or heels in sight.  That kind of sums up my philosophy. I think that sequins and sparkles shouldn't just be for special occasions.  They can make you feel great every day.

I spied this skirt on a fellow blogger and when I found it on sale, it had to be mine. I've worn it often in the past year, to events, daytime, and my birthday dinner. 

Clockwise from top left:  Sequin skirt - Avenue (no longer available), DIY necklace with glitter safety pins,
same sequin skirt and thrifted Goodwill top, DIY bracelet, Sequin top - Macy's (no longer available), Birthday oufit , same sequin skirt and Moto Boots - Nine West
This post is for this month's Everybody Everywear item, Sequins and Sparkles.  Click on the link to check out all of the other blogger outfits.

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere

Do you love sequins and sparkle as much as I do?

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