Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspiration - Country Wedding

I consider myself a city girl but my extended family lives in a rural area and my parents retired there (it's their childhood, country home).  Several years ago they sold my childhood home and moved.  Since then that area and house have become home to me and love visiting. I spent lots of time there as a child on holidays and over the summer. I've even thought of having our wedding in that country setting. Maybe it's the romantic in me creeping out.  Reality is that it doesn't fit our lives, guest list or our personal style.

When I saw these photos today of Lauren Bush and David Lauren's wedding (yes, her name will be Lauren Bush Lauren), I swooned.  It took me by surprise because as I've said, I'm not really a county girl and I'm not a lace girl either. The details of the dress are stunning. It's vintage and modern at the same time. Your wedding dress is guaranteed to be beautiful when your father-in-law is Ralph Lauren.

It's scary. I may have to check myself because if I'm getting the sappy Bride flu, I need some medicine. Regardless of my personal style, these photos are stunning and great wedding inspiration.

photo credits: VOGUE Magazine

These photos and more in the December issue of VOGUE.

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