Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Moment of Lust - Rag & Bone Moto Boots

My love for the rocker look of motorcycle boots is long.  I've wanted a pair for years and an internal battle rages on how much I'm willing to pay for a great pair of boots. When I saw this pair from Rag & Bone, I swooned.

Rag & Bone Moto Boot $595

They are the perfect height. The glossy black, leather finish is classic and the simple hardware just adds to the style.  I know I could wear them for years.  No matter how much I love them, at a cost of $595, I will not be buying these boots.

Second on the list are a much more affordable alternative, the Frye Engineer 8R boots.  These are also classics.  They are leather with a glossy black finish.  The buckles are statements but also simple.  This pair will set me back $208.  That price is closer to my range but still on the high side.

Frye Engineer 8R $208

For about $80 less I could buy these boots by Nine West.  The asymmetrical top and buckles give them a funky vibe.  They also have the classic shape and leather of a traditional moto boot. 

Nine West Spacecadet $124.99

When I drop below the $100 mark, I didn't find any options that were leather.  All of the boots I found under $100 are faux leather.  Many of them look great but I think I'd really like to have a pair with leather uppers. This pair from Target are a good representation of the boots I found under $100.  This pair is $34.99.  They have classic styling, a split side and adjustable buckles.  They pull on like a traditional moto boot.  Many of the less expensive pairs had zippers which took them out of the running immediately.  If I'm going to opt for non leather boots, why not pick the least expensive but best style.

Target Mossimo Supply Co. Kemaria Biker Boots $34.99

Which boots should I spend my hard earned money on?  I need your help.  Vote for your favorite. 

Which Boots Should I Buy?
Rag and Bone $595
Frye $208
Nine West $125
Target $35 free polls 

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