Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY Jewelry Weekend

Over the weekend I wasn't feeling well. Going out wasn't an option, so I did some DIY jewelry projects inside.

I found this somewhat dated gold necklace at the thrift store.  The gold was a bit worn and pitted in places.  It had definitely seen better days but I saw potential in this necklace

Using some black spray paint that was stored in the garage, I gave the necklace several coats of paint (front and back). 

My gold thrift store necklace is now a new black necklace with attitude.

I did a little shopping on Friday night. I was watching my budget and happened upon these gold bracelets at Forever 21.  They were sold in packs of two for only $3.80.  I bought two bundles (four bracelets).  Using pliers, I removed the clasped from one bracelet and opened the jump rings to attach the two bracelets together.  I already had some rhinestone trim and satin cord from a previous project. I wrapped the

I laced two of the bracelets together with the trim. My new bracelet is perfect for stacking and wearing with my DIY necklace.

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