Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Personal Style At Work

Recently a friend told me that she has to abandon her personal style when she goes to work. She said that she either dresses down or wears blah basics. Her personal style is kind of bohemian. She lives near the beach and likes simple dresses and flip flops. I cringe when I see flip flops at the office. I promised her that I could show her how to wear her favorite bohemian pieces but make them office appropriate. It also made me think about other styles that a woman might feel that she has to abandon for the sake of being office appropriate. The others that I instantly thought of were, rocker chick, and vintage.

I'm of the opinion that you don't have to be boring to be office appropriate. You can express your style without going overboard. You can love what you wear to work, be true to your style and still be taken seriously.

The challenge with bohemian style for the office is to keep from looking sloppy.  Many offices are much more casual than they used to be but it's my opinion that beach wear and super casual wear (like logo tees and cut offs) isn't office appropriate.  Taking the key elements of boho style, looser silhouettes, interesting colors and patterns, ethnic jewelry, and footwear that is on the casual side you can create a look that works for the office.

Bohemian Style - For Work

Rocker is personally one of my favorites when it comes to style. The key is to create an outfit that has the best elements without looking like you are going to a show or a night out. Using basic tailored pieces, skinny pants, a jacket with a strong shoulder, and a tank or shell, you can build a great outfit. Add the rocker elements with your accessories. The bold jewelry gives the rocker vibe and the studs on the shoes are unexpected. The jacket isn't flashy but the strong shoulders gives it a bold touch.

Rocker Chick - For Work

Vintage style is classic but if you aren't careful it can look like a costume. Joan Holloway on Mad Men looks amazing but she's a character on a period drama. Wearing a super tight sweater could send the wrong message in the office. A sleek pencil skirt, a bow tie blouse, and a traditional cardigan give those classic vintage elements. Adding accessories like a scarf clip, pearl bracelet, and peep toe heels with an ankle strap add to the vintage vibe in a modern way.

Vintage - For Work

You don't have to abandon your personal style to be work appropriate.  Take the basic elements of what you love and modify them a bit to suit the environment. Accessories are key. They can take the basics and turn them up a notch without being over the top. Your unique personality can stand out.

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