Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Nude" Polish for Every Skin Tone

I'm sure you've noticed that nude nail polish is all the rage. It's been featured on blogs, websites and in every major fashion magazine. That's because it goes any where and every where. I've been wearing lots of neutral polishes on my nails this summer. My toes have been every wild color imaginable and I've balanced those wild toes with neutral polish. Most magazines contain features of the "best nude polish". The choices are pretty but most of the time they are in the off white to tan range.  The last time I checked, the women I know aren't just one skin tone. Nude comes in every shade, depending on who is nude. The shade that works on me doesn't work on my friends who have much lighter or darker skin tones. As I was choosing polish last night I realized that my go to polish lately has been essie Jazz. It's the perfect shade for me, winter or summer. My skin tone is close to Julia Roberts without a tan and edges closer to Frieda Pinto's with a tan.

My Favorite - essie Jazz

I've picked some famous faces and matched up polish that I think suits their skin tone. Hopefully, this will help you find a "nude" polish you love and that suits your own skin tone.

Zhang Ziyi - Wet n' Wild 2% Milk

Dita von Teese - Sally Hansen Nude Now

Julia Roberts - Revlon Sheer Nude

Frieda Pinton - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Sand

Shoreh Aghdashloo - China Glaze Caramel

Eva Longoria - OPI San Tan-Tonio

Oprah Winfrey - essie Mink Muffs

Alex Wek - Revlon Top Speed Espresso

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