Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Lady of Frugal

There are designers throwing themselves at the White House right and left, dying to get a chance to dress First Lady Michelle Obama. She definitely wears her share of designer duds but she also knows how to find great items that are affordable for the average woman.

GAP Dress as a Tunic $29.99

H & M Dress

Converse Sneakers

White House Black Market Dress

She could also make sure that she is never seen in the same item twice but that's not her style.  She knows what flatters her body and sticks with what she likes and what looks good. Remixing is a key foundation of her wardrobe.

Dress with a cardigan and without

Belt with two different cardigans - Dressed Up and Down

One sweater two outfits

One sweater two ways - Reversed

Another key to her style is simplicity with the addition of great accessories. She loves basic cardigans paired with an interesting belt. She knows that pins and jewelry can liven up any outfit.

For someone with any and all fashion at her disposal, it's refreshing that Mrs. Obama chooses to mix high and low together.  She's had negative comments on everything from her bare arms to wearing shorts on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon.  She takes it all in stride, knows what flatters her figure, and stays true to her own personal style. We could all take that lesson.

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