Monday, May 2, 2011

Your Wedding Your Way

Over the years I’ve attended bridal fairs with friends and been very excited for them.  I’ve always been the friend who helps with the wedding, gives advice, helps coordinate, and all in all is supportive.  I was thrilled to be on the planning and coordination team instead of the bridesmaid team.  You see, in my mind, I didn’t think I would be one of those women planning a wedding, so I just went along for the ride.  I never fit in at these shows and fairs because if I ever got to have a wedding, I’d be marrying Barbie, not Ken. 

I don’t really fit into the traditional bride category for many reasons that include, being over forty, being plus sized, wanting to forge new traditions, and marrying a woman.  In other ways, I am traditional; I want a fun wedding with friends and family, a memorable day and I’m marrying my true love.  Until recently many wedding vendors haven’t been as friendly or excited for me once they discover that my groom is actually a bride and that I don't want to big white poofy wedding.

When I heard about The Nonconforming Bridal Fair, being held in Washington, DC, I was thrilled.  Imagine a Bridal Fair for the nonconforming, off beat, bride (and her bride)!  The event was developed by Tammy Freeman of Pink Dot Concepts.  Tammy is an off beat bride herself and wanted to create an event where all couples could feel welcome.  “This is a way to level the playing field,” she said.

Even with all of my excitement, I decided to hold my opinions until the event. It was a great day. The vendors there were many of the ones you'd expect at a wedding event, caterers, beauty professionals and photographers. However, they all had something special to offer. Debi Parker, one of the photographers at the fair, specializes in a journalistic style of photography with a focus on being green.  AK Henna Designs can do Mendhi for your wedding day, shower, or party. The DC Gurly show will perform burlesque for a bachelor and or bachelorette party that you'll never forget. If you need some advice on planning your unique and nontraditional day, be sure to check out Capitol Romance ( Bree and her husband Andy created their own nonconforming wedding full of personal touches and she's sharing her ideas with other brides.

Thanks to Pink Dot Concpets for providing a venue for nonconforming brides and great vendors to come together. Her goal is to join couples who want a unique day with vendors who are thrilled to be creative and think outside the box.

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