Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day Eco Fashion

A NOTE ABOUT THIS ENTRY: This post was intended to go up on Earth Day. Due to computer issue or user malfunction, whatever you prefer, it's going up today.

Years ago when I thought of ecological fashion, visions of hemp shirts came to mind.  The idea of eco fashion has changed dramatically over the years.  Vintage has become more popular and people want to save money.  It doesn't mean tattered clothes that no one wants to buy. It means carefully sought gems that have been restyled or upcycled into something new. As a thrift store and vintage shopper and clothing swap attendee, I wear eco fashion constantly.  The items you are reusing aren't ending up in a landfill. They are being recycled, upcycled and reused by you. 

Earlier this week I told you about the fashion show I attended and a local design team that designs and makes upcycled items.  The ladies of Ginger Root Design embody eco fashion.  Their pieces are one of kind designs that have been created from damaged items, vintage clothes or vintage fabric. They create these amazing necklace tie creations fashioned from vintage neckties and in some cases vintage buttons. See a before and after picture below:

You can see more of their items on their facebook page.
I've refashioned a few items. Here are the ones I've shown in previous posts...

DIY Collar
Before                                                                  After                                                                   Outift     

Men's Tie as a Belt

The items I upcycled were picked up at Goodwill for a steal.  I took their basic idea and changed them to make them better, for me.

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