Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIY - Collar (Dickie)

This has to be one of the quickest and most simple DIYs I've done so far. A few of weeks ago I went to the thrift store and looked for blouses with interesting collars. My two choices have tie collars. My wardrobe is lacking any tie blouses and I thought they'd be good additions. I must have been using my psychic powers because tie blouses were on many of the runways at Fashion Week.

L to R: Tory Burch, Marc by Marc Jacobs, L.A.M.B., Ralph Lauren

When I was a kid my mom always called these Dickies.  I did a little search and found that most sites only refer to the turtleneck version as Dickies. The word makes me laugh and in homage to Mom I used Dickie in the title of my post.

Supply List
  1. Blouse or shirt with an interesting collar
  2. Scissors
  3. Pins or a washable fabric pencil
  4. Ruler or measuring tape


When you select your blouse, size is irrelevant.  This one happens to be a size 6, which is much too small for me. It even had a stain on the sleeve. Because I only used the collar and shoulders of the blouse, as long as it fits your neck it will work. 

  1. Cut off the sleeves at the seams.
  2. Measure the blouse approximately 6 inches to 8 inches down from the peak of the shoulder and mark it all the way across the front and back.
  3. Once your measurements are marked, cut the blouse straight across the front and back.
  4. Cut at the seam under each arm.
  5. Trim as needed.


I created two collars in about 30 minutes today. These new accessories will be making an appearance in 30 for 30 soon.

Photo Credit: NY Magazine online

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