Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Picks for the Budget Girl (part 2)

The second part of our Spring Picks list includes some truly timeless pieces.  Neutrals, white, a Breton striped top. Bold colors that scream Spring and Summer. Neutral booties to give you the illusion of super model, long, legs.

1. a solid color flowy maxi skirt
2. wide leg jeans
3. anything 70's inspired
4. biker jacket (leather or faux leather, whatever fits your budget)
5. a sheer sweater (for layering)
6. neutrals in pale tans or blushes (pants or skirt)
7. a Breton striped top
8. bold color tops and bottoms (vary this depending on your life)
9. a pair of neutral booties that can be dressed up or down, heel height is a preference
10. white pants, skirt, or dress

1. cat eye sunglasses
2. big bangle bracelets

3. anything rose gold
4. obi belts or wide sashes
5. colorful scarves

6. lady like bags

To view the buying information for the options, click on the picture. It will take you to a site where you can click on each item and get the details.

Neutrals can be worn forever, if you pick smartly tailored and basic pieces, like a pencil skirt or a wide leg trouser.  A light blush can be a neutral because it can be worn with some many other colors.

Coco Chanel made the Breton striped top popular more than 60 years ago, talk about timeless.  You can find Breton tops in many colors but I prefer the traditional navy and white.

Breton Striped Top

A colorful item can be mixed with basics to brighten any outfit. They make me feel like Spring.
Bold Colors

Many times darker booties can make your legs look shorter. A neutral bootie can actually lengthen your legs and make them appear longer, if you have lighter skin. If your skin is darker go for a brown or cocoa colored bootie. There are options in many heel heights. Pick one that fits your lifestyle and preference.
Neutral Booties
A beautiful white dress in a simple silhouette is a girl's best friend. It can be worn to a party, a summer dinner or in the evening with a bright cardigan. Despite popular belief, white can be flattering on every body type. Fit is key. make sure the item it's too clingy and that you wear the right undergarments. Nothing will ruin a great outfit more than visible panty lines. Embarassing.


Next up, the extras. You know how I love accessories. Stay tuned...

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