Friday, February 25, 2011

DIY - Instant High-Low Skirt

Instant DIYs are my favorite way to change up an item of clothing. Use it in unique or different way but not alter it permanently.  A little while back I showed you how to Instant DIY an infinity scarf. Safety pins are right up there with the most amazing inventions of all time (next to post-its, twist ties, and duct tape). You can do almost anything with them. They can also save your ass in a pinch, like when your pants rip at the pocket seam and your undies are showing. Yes, that really happened.

I love the look of a cool high-low dress or maxi skirt. I have a great high-low dress I've been dying to wear but dumb me, didn't put it in my 30 for 30. These are little formal and higher that what I wanted but they were good inspiration.

I took my basic gray maxi skirt and with a few instant DIY steps, I created a high-low skirt. In my next outfit post, you'll see the full effect.

1. Maxi Skirt (any longer skirt will do)
2. Safety pins

First determine how high you want the "high" part of your skirt to be. Then determine how large you'd like the drape (just in the front or across the whole skirt). If you want your drape to be wider (across the whole skirt) you'll need a few more safety pins that the three I used.

Accordian fold your skirt at the center, tucking the hem under.  When you have your skirt at the height you desire, beginning at the bottom push the safety pin up through the back edge of the folds on the inside of your skirt.  Repeat this at even intervals across the skirt.

The final product...

Next time I'll try out a higher hemline and a broader skirt drape.

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