Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In That

Oh the joy that is the Grammys. Unlike the other awards shows of the season, where stars attempt to look classy. The Grammys are an "Anything goes" awards show. The fashion is always good for a few laughs and quite a few gasps of "What was she thinking?". This year didn't disappoint. I've picked a few of my favorites in the laugh/gasp category. The top three are Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, and M.I.A. I'm a big cheerleader for funky, rock n' roll fashion. These three do not fit in that category.

Paula looks like she missed her flight for Vegas. The extremely, high hair, the gold armor, and the sequins make her look like she should be waiting tables at Caesars Palace.

Paris appears to have forgotten to change into her dress when she got out of bed or out of the pool. She has an incredible body but that dress looks more like a nightgown crossed with a bathing suit.

The last of my top, cringe worthy awards belongs to M.I.A. I am always one to give a woman a break for being pregnant. She is due any day now. However, you can dress in a beautiful way and still be pregnant. See Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Garner, and many other actresses. This dress is awful in so many ways and it has nothing to do with her being pregnant. I like this dress as much as I like her music.

There were quite a few other horrific displays, including Bai Ling (she never fails) and Maiysha, who looked like she could grant you three wishes. Kate Beckinsale is usually on the top of my best dressed but I think she forgot that she wasn't going to the Oscars and was a bit overdressed.

I would like to applaud the voluptuous girls at this year's Grammys. Jennifer Hudson and Adele looked fantastic! Jennifer is getting some snide remarks about the bib front on her dress but I think she looked great.

Adele not only won but she proved that you don't have to be a size two or four to look great. To be fair, she was styled by Anna Wintour herself (with the help of her editors, I'm sure).

Congratulations to all of the winners and hearty thank you to everyone who gave us a laugh.

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