Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chic Alternative

The snow and ice that has come to the east coast over the past few days made me start to think about chic but pratical alternatives for snow wear. As I pulled out my less that pretty but functional hiking boots, to go out and shovel my sidewalk, I began considering my options. I love my 3 inch stilettos but unless I want a broken ankle and possibly surgery, it's not the best option for this weather. This morning, I put on my hiking boots and stored my pretty shoes in my bag for the trek to work. As I got out of my car to run into the drugstore and almost bit it on the icy sidewalk, I was thankful for my less than fashionable boots. I think I need to look for some cuter options. Below are a few possiblities for stylish but functional cold weather footwear.

These Dr. Martens are cute and fun, even though many fashionistas may consider them "out", I'm all for fun and function in this weather.

If you are looking for something other than black, brown or gray, these Dr. Martens are a pretty alternative.

If you hate the idea of changing after you get to work, the Merrells and Aigners below are a good option. Worn with pants they have a wedge heel that make the boots a little more dressy and still funcitonal.

This style comes in black, dark brown and tan. They are also water repellant.

All of the boots above can be found at my favorite on-line shoe store, for $140 or less.

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