Friday, October 17, 2008

Tighten Your Belt

We all need to tighten our belts this season, economically and fashionably. Thanks to the influence of designers and my favorite summer movie, "Sex and the City", belts are back in a big way. If you are like me, you still have belts in the back or your closet or in a drawer that you've saved from years past. If you don't, there are lots of economical choices available.
Using a belt (an inexpensive accessory), you can change the look of an outfit. You can give it polish, give it edge, and bring in some color. Choose thin, wide, studded, feminine, corseted, anything you like.

Costume designer Patricia Field used a single belt in three different looks during the movie. She used a studded belt she designed to spice up a floral dress and a sexy secretary look. She gave traditionally demure looks an edge. She also used the same belt over a coat to define SJP's waist and add some interest to an all black ensemble.

Sex and the City: The Movie

The belt Patricia used in the movie is available on her website for $120. It's a great belt but I set out to find some less expensive options. Hot Topic is selling a similar version for $19.00. If the silver studs are a little too punk for your style. Target has a more subtle option with black studs for $11.69.

If you are waist challenged and need to add some curves, a belt is a quick a simple solution. Diane von Furstenberg used belts throughout her Fall 2008 show. She used belts with jackets, in a layered look and belts with dresses to enhance a simple silhouette.

Diane von Furstenberg, Fall 2008

You can execute this look in a similar fashion by using a thin belt over a blazer and leaving it slightly open. It would work well for the office. Diane von Furstenberg showed another great day look using a dress and combining that with the glove trend.

Diane von Furstenberg, Fall 2008

Just go to the accessories section of your favorite store and select a couple of options. If you are planning to use them over a coat be sure to go up a few inches to allow for volume. Whatever you like or consider your personal style, the belt trend is a fun and inexpensive way to update your fall wardrobe.

photo credits: Sex and the City: the movie and

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