Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Products I Love - The Butler Bag (and Giveaway) - CLOSED

When my dear friend Kevin asked if I'd like to try out the Avon Butler Bag and tell you all about it, I said yes. It just took one look to know that the Butler Bag was made for a disorganized girl like me. My first thought was that it would be perfect for travel but it's a fantastic day bag. Have you ever taken way too long to dig around in the bottom of your bag to find something? The bag has built in partitions that keep each item in it's own space. Since I started using the bag, I haven't struggled to find anything. That's a small miracle. At least once a day I'm digging in the bottom of my bag for a lipstick or my keys.

Inside my own bag.
 Each of the items in my bag is in a segmented compartment. It's amazing how much I can fit into the bag and it stays organized. There are also outer pockets on the front, back and on both sides. Commuting every day means I have to fit lots into my bag. I can fit everything below as well as several more items and that's without using the outer pockets!

Butler Bag for Work

 The Butler Bag would be perfect as a carry on bag. You can fit all of your in flight necessities and your daily needs. At just $39.99, it's a bargain bag that can multitask for you.

Butler Bag for Travel


Kevin has partnered with Avon to fund his tutoring work with kids in need. He provides digital, virtual tutorial assistance to Middle School, High School, and College students, as well as the parents of Elementary age students. Kevin has generously offered to give away a Butler Bag!

To enter just complete the task(s) below (some are optional). The contest will end at midnight on December 23. I know you'll love the Butler Bag as much as I do.

Good Luck!!

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