Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eureka! - Find the Original Source of an Image

Have you ever been surfing around the net or Pinterest and spied an image you love? The entry promises instructions or a recipe or you'd love to see a larger photo or more images. Then you click on it and DRAT! instead of the image going to the original source, it goes to an image page. All you have is that same image in another window. It's so frustrating. As a blogger, if I use an image that isn't my own, I cite the original source with a name and link. It's just good blogging and keeps you from being a thief. Sometimes I see an image on another blog and I know that blogger isn't the photographer. If I still want to use the image, I need to find the source.

1. Spy the image you want to use or find. You can use this same method with Pinterest.

2. Right click on the image and open a new window. 

3. Open Google Images and click on the camera icon.

4. Copy the URL from the open window of your image, paste it into the URL slot and click the Search by Image button.

5. Google will return your results.

6. Click on the results links to find your original source. It make take a few clicks to find the source but this method has never failed me. 

blog example: Cocktail de Mariposa
photo credit: The Sartorialist
It's a great way to give credit where credit is due and to get the information you really want to find.

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