Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Inspiration - Messy Braids

I've been smitten with messy braids ever since I spotted this one on Blake Lively. The forecast here in DC this week is calling for some rain and a braid is my go to when the weather is bad. Curling my fine hair in wet weather is a complete waste of time. A braid looks chic and will last all day and even better that it's supposed to look messy. When I get caught in the rain or wind blown, I'll be able to hide that I'm a hot mess. 

In order to create a braid this full and messy, I have to add texture to my hair. Products and teasing usually do the trick. I found lots of great styles to try.

Inspiration - Messy Braids

Here is a great tutorial from A Beautiful Mess (the style in the upper left is from their blog). I think it might even be easy enough, even for me and my fine, hard to style, hair. These braids will even work at the beach this summer. BONUS!

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