Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm Obsessed Thank You Very Much - Cape Jackets, Kimonos, and Full Printed Skirts

Since I've been a bit slow in posting lately, I thought I'd give you a triple whammy today! Three of my latest obsessions. One of my biggest spring obsessions is the cape jacket. My favorites are more blazer material than outerwear material but that makes them perfect for spring and summer. They are a fun twist on a traditional jacket. Another spring topper that I can't get enough of is the kimono (a modified version of the traditional). I'm more rocker than boho but I love that you can take these pretty jackets, add them to jeans and throw on a tee and great shoes and you're instantly chic. I can't get enough of full printed skirts. I love the ones with big full gathers or pleats in fun prints (not your traditional florals).

Victoria Beckham Blazer Style Cape
When I first spied this tuxedo style cape jacket from Victoria Beckham, I was in love. It's different and so chic. As usual, size and price restrictions ensured that it would never be mine.  Over $3,000, nope! I went in search of a less expensive version. I found some great options but nothing in my size. My poor mom has now been begged and tasked with helping me to make one.

I'm Obsessed - Cape Jacket
Click on the pictures for buying information.

My next obsession is the kimono. This modern version is a bit of a departure from the traditional kimono. It comes in fun prints, florals, embroidery or with fringe. I picture mine with cut offs or white jeans for summer. I'd add a simple tee or a tank and some cute sandals. The two kimonos in the top left and bottom right corners are definitely on my list.

I'm Obsessed - Kimonos
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Last but certainly not least is the full, printed skirt. I fell hard for this skirt from tibi. The graphic print and the full, midi style, had me smitten. Once again size (only up to a 12) and price (over $600) prevented me from ever purchasing this beauty.

tibi Splash Skirt
While searching for full printed skirts I found the amazing (black, white, and gray) skirt on the right, from ModCloth!  It's very similar to the tibi skirt, it's affordable at only $69 and it comes in my size! In fact it comes in sizes small to 3x!

I'm Obesessed - Full Printed Skirts
Click on the pictures for buying information.

I know the gray skirt in the center doesn't look like it's printed.  The print is pressed into the fabric, you just have to click on the link and look at the skirt up close. It's fantastic!

Well there you have it, some of my spring obsessions. A cape jacket is on the DIY list, the kimonos and skirt will be on order soon.

What are your spring obsessions?

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