Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Still Obsessed - Balenciaga Buckle Strap Boots (and Look for Less)

I know, I promised the new year would be different and I'd be back blogging away. I'm sorry that I've been so absent. I had some major job stress and now it's finally over. I've started in a new position and a big weight has been lifted. Here it is, the new beginning. Thanks for being so patient, my friends.

I'm back (finally)!
Have you ever had one of those items that you long for and just can't get out of your mind, no matter how hard you try? Knowing all the time, that you'll never be able to justify spending the money. Well, Balenciaga's Buckle Strap boots are in that category for me. Back in January of 2012 (yes, two years ago), I wrote about my obsession with these boots. I've tried on many similar styles but none of the boots were close to the original. The style wasn't quite right, the leather wasn't shiny enough, the soles weren't stacked, they looked cheap. Even through all of that, I simply can't and won't spend $1,275 on a pair of shoes. No matter how much I like them and how rocker chic they are.
Balenciaga $1,275

I found these recently from Wanted shoes. They are a cool substitute but still not good enough.

Then I found these!  They are amazing and so close to the originals. Amazing right!? I'm in LOVE! They are leather, have a stacked heel and sole and the buckles are almost identical. 

Jessica Burman CRUSH Booties $159

UPDATE: Oh happy day!  Just this morning, Jessica Buurman posted a silver buckle version of the CRUSH black cut out boots to their site! I like gold but I LOVE silver! So exciting!

CRUSH booties with silver buckles!

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