Friday, August 16, 2013

Frugal Fashion Friday - ICU Eyewear Reading Glasses & Giveaway - CLOSED

This Giveaway is CLOSED.

When I was a kid I remember my mom talking about how suddenly she couldn't see small print. She would hold pages of text away from her with an extended arm and say things, like "My arms aren't long enough."  I've never really had to wear glasses until I started getting eye strain while working on computers. Even now I can get away without using them, while on my laptop. Reading is another story. I turned forty and suddenly I felt like I couldn't see anything I was reading. The words were a blur. It was nuts. {msL} and I are the same age and she has the same problem. We buy reading glasses constantly. There are several pairs in every room of the house. I have a few pricey pairs but I usually go for the bargains. Recently I found out about Wink and Dr. Dean eyewear from ICU eyewear.

Wink Eyewear
Dr. Dean eyewear
The Wink and Dr. Dean by ICU Eyewear are not only stylish, they are affordable. You can pick a new style for every day and every outfit. I've used my two favorite styles for outfit inspiration.

Wink eyewear outfit
Outfit inspired by Wink by ICU Eyewear red and rhinestones frames.

The Wink styles are bright and colorful, fashion frames. The Dr. Dean styles are classic with wire and tortoise shell frames. Dr. Dean styles are designed for men but you know me, I love to borrow from the boys.

Dr. Dean by ICU Eyewear Inspired Outfit
Outfit Inspired by Dr. Dean by ICU Eyewear tortoise shell frames.


If you are like me and can't live without your reading glasses, Wink and Dr. Dean by ICU Eyewear are stylish and affordable options.

Do you wear reading glasses?  ICU Eyewear is giving away 1,000 pairs of glasses!!  Just click the link below, enter your information and you'll find out instantly if you are a winner. GOOD LUCK and I'd love to know if you win!


Just go to the Read In Style Giveaway (by clicking this link or the link above) page to enter your email address and gender.  Your gender determines if you vote for the Dr. Dean or Wink readers. Based on which gender you selected, vote for your favorite pair.

You will then either be selected instantly as a winner and asked to fill out your shipping and details OR receive a 40% off coupon for all readers on the ICU Eyewear site.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed in this post are my own. This is a sponsored post by ICU Eyewear.

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