Monday, July 29, 2013

Hair Chalking

I've always wanted bright colored hair.  I've especially longed for bright blue tips on my dark hair. No matter my age, it's something I've always thought about doing. With a government related job I've never considered it as a permanent option.  I've tried a few spray-in, temporary colors but didn't love them. They were super messy and didn't give the bright color I craved. Then came hair chalking. If you aren't familiar with hair chalking, it's basically coloring your hair with chalk (or pastels). Hair chalking has become increasingly popular lately. It's an easy and non-permanent way to add bright color to your hair. Many of the tutorials use pastels from an art store. I've also seen options from hair product companies. On Friday I went to Walgreens and saw Hot Huez and I decided to finally try out this trend.

Hot Huez comes with 4 colors (pink, blue, fuschia and green). The chalk is in a compact form. I purchased the set at Walgreens for $9.99.  It was an impulse purchase because the chalk in compact form seemed less messy than using sticks of chalk.

I tried blue and hot pink for this post. I wore blue first but the pink shows up great in photos. The directions in the package said that I needed a towel and a bottle of spray leave in conditioner (for smoothing the hair) and hairspray. Luckily, I had a bottle of heat styling spray on hand. I've done research and many of the tutorials suggest using water and either a curling or flat iron to set the chalk. I decided to follow the Hot Huez directions exactly, for my first try.

This is the result of my attempt with electric blue. I LOVE the look. This was my first attempt and by the end of the day I had a blue neck. Setting the color is crucial. See my tips below.

I tried a strand on the top of my hair. I did a single application and set it with hairspray but not with heat. By the end of the day it looked light on my dark hair. I'm sure if you are blonde it would stand out more. Next I tried the water and heat method.

I wet a strand and combed it out.  I covered my shoulders with a towel. The chalk dust is messy even with the compact. I clamped the compact down on my hair and ran it down the length of my hair.

I repeated the chalk application, combing the strands in between each application. Then I set it with a flat iron and combed it again. Finally I gave it a light spray with hairspray.  Don't spray too heavy or your chalk will look faded and streaky.


  • Wear a top you don't care about or completely cover yourself with a smock or towel.The chalk is messy and dusty.
  • Make sure to set the color well. It can rub off on clothes and your skin. 
  • Wetting the hair more effective than using leave-in conditioner.
  • Multiple applications with combing or brushing in between gives the most even application.
  • A dry style hairspray will help to set the color without making it blotchy.
  • If you use soft pastels instead of compact applicators like Hot Huez, make sure to wear gloves.  Don't use oil pastels. They will be sticky and may stain hair permanently.
  • Clarifying shampoo is best for washing out your chalk but other shampoos are effective.
  • Easy application with the compact and it didn't get on my hands.
  • Bright colors.
  • The price was reasonable. I found some hair chalking kits selling for $5 and up for a single color.
  • It doesn't permanenetly stain your hair or your hands.
  • It's fun and temporary.
  • The instructions in the kit could have been better. I found better tips on the internet.
  • The applicator only places color on one side of your hair. If you want all over color you have to flip the compact or twist your hair.
  • The color choices are limited to four.
Hot Huez were a fun and easy way to try out the chalking trend. You can find them at drugstores all over and also on the internet. If you'd prefer to use pastels, try a local arts and crafts store like Michaels.

If you give chalking a try, let me know. I'd love to see your results!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated for this post and purchased the kit myself.

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